Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First day of PED 201

So far this class seems like it will be fun.  I'm excited to gain experience teaching and I can't wait to start going to St. Mary's to interact with the kids.  The hardest part of this class is definitely going to be making sure I remember to blog and tweet my experiences in the class.  I've never had a blog or a Twitter account so it'll be a totally new thing for me to work with.

I was only home for a week over winter break because I had to come back to Cortland and go on training trip for swimming.  Training trip was a blast. We went to Pompano Beach, Florida and swam around 8 miles a day.

While I was home I helped Coach my high school swim team.  They have a lot of new kids on the team so they need a lot of instruction on some of the finer points of swimming.  The guy in the red shirt is Kevin Crossman, the head coach and a Cortland alumni who still has records on the record board in the pool.

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