Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cartoon Character Prep Lab

Today we had our prep lab for Lab 2.  The theme for Lab 2 is Cartoon Characters.  I thought that the theme was Comic Books so I made a superhero based game, but luckily it still fits in with the Cartoon theme.  In lab, we practiced a few of our games so that we could try to work all of the kinks out before we get to St. Mary's.  After that we went down to the classroom and went over how to answer and post the questions for the Lab 1 writeup.

Now onto more fun stuff...

The pictures from Lab 1 at St. Mary's are up!

I sure am glad that I'll look more normal next time we go to St. Mary's.  The only good thing about the hair is that it made it easy to find my pictures in the web album

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