Tuesday, April 12, 2011

St. Mary's Hops Aboard the Dinosaur Train

The theme for this weeks lab was the show Dinosaur Train.  When we first got to St. Mary's we spent some time filling out the lab writeup.  After the writeup was done, we split up into our groups and started our activities. This week I was in the pre-K room.  For my activity, I printed up blank pictures of dinosaurs for the kids to color.  The kids really seemed to enjoy coloring and most of the kids took extra blank pictures to bring home and color some more.  After the kids were done coloring, we took them into the gym and played some games with them.  My game was Dinosaur Tag and I had the kids run around like different dinosaurs and tag each other.  The kids really liked this game but maybe I should have started them off playing at a walking pace because a lot of kids ended up running into each other.

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