Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter at St. Mary's

Lab 5 was Easter themed and the kids really seemed to like all of our Easter games.  My group was the special projects group so we were in charge of closing activities.  For closing activities, we had a game where students did different movement patterns and exercises, our own version of the Peter Cottontail song, and a "Happy Easter!" cheer.

As for the actual lab portion of this lab, we assessed dribbling with the hand (like in basketball) and kicking.  We assessed two kindergarteners, one boy and one girl.  Both students were 5 years old but the girl was much more advanced when it came to these 2 skills. See the lab writeup here

Will and I playing tag with some of the kids outside

All the students sliding in a circle around Joe as he sings Peter Cottontail
Each egg had a movement pattern or exercise in it. The kids loved the end of the game when they got candy

Happy Easter!

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