Monday, November 7, 2011

My Athletics/Coaching Philosophy

Interscholastic athletics are an essential part of creating well-rounded students. Athletics give students an opportunity to learn about sportsmanship and teamwork while enhancing their level of fitness. Athletics can also help students develop socially by giving them a chance to interact with other people and by increasing their self-confidence. . I know that when I was in high school, joining the varsity swim team brought me out of my shell and was a major factor in making me the person I am today by making me more confident in myself. Athletics provide a healthy outlet for stress and frustration and help to keep students out of trouble. If a student really cares about their sport and their team, and if they have goals they want to accomplish, they’re less likely to get mixed up with drugs and alcohol, and less likely to get in trouble in school because they know that all of these things could impact their ability to participate.
            As a coach, my job goes far beyond just writing workouts for my athletes to complete. My job is to motivate my athletes to do their best and to always work hard, both on and off the field. My high school swim coach is the model of a great coach that I strive to achieve. He could always get us fired up and motivated to make it through a hard workout or a hard set. He always stressed that each and every one of his athletes was the best person they could be. When report cards came out, if you have any grades under a C, you didn’t swim in the next meet. It didn’t matter if you were the fastest kid on the team or the slowest, or if it would cost us the meet, he always stuck to his guns. In line with being the best we could be, he also insisted that all of his athletes be gentlemen and that we always show good sportsmanship. At meets, no matter what the other team was acting like, we always kept our composure and acted professionally.
            My goal as a coach is to instill these same values into all of my athletes so that I can help them be the best athletes and people that they can be.

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