Monday, November 7, 2011

My Education Philosophy

The purpose of education is to open up the minds of the students and motivate them to learn and grow as human beings. This is accomplished through a well-rounded and well planned curriculum that exposes the students to as many new ideas and experiences as possible. By learning these new ideas and living these experiences, the students will be able to grow as individuals. It is the duty of the educators and of the school staff to construct this curriculum so that the students are motivated to learn and so that the curriculum challenges the students. This curriculum should also treat all subjects equally. Math, History, Physical Education, Science, English, etc. should all have an equal part in our schools.
            In my mind, the biggest enemy to a good education is a negative classroom climate. As a former socially awkward teenager, I can attest to the fact that the majority of “disengaged students” are only that way because they feel uncomfortable in the classroom. If a student is afraid to raise their hand to ask a question, or afraid to answer a question asked by the teacher, or afraid to participate in PE because of the other kids, then this student isn’t getting all that they can out of their education and because of this their education is going to suffer. The biggest part of creating a positive classroom climate is teaching students that everybody is different and everyone has different abilities in different subject areas. The “jocks” who make fun of the “nerd” because he can’t hit a baseball wouldn’t like it if that student made fun of them for not being able to do Calculus. The teachers need to help the students understand that even though everybody isn’t at the same ability level in every facet of life, every student is trying their hardest and rather than making fun of someone if they can’t do something, you should help them so that they can learn and improve themselves.

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