Monday, November 7, 2011

My Physical Education Philosophy

The point of physical education is to improve the minds and bodies of our students and to teach them how to be active and healthy for their entire lives. Too often in our society is physical education viewed in a negative light. Physical education is historically a class of segregation; the “jocks” throwing red rubber balls at the “nerds.” This is the exact opposite of what PE should be. PE should be about teaching all students how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a physical educator, it’s my job to ensure that I pass on my love of physical activity to my students.
            An ideal physical education program would be planned out from grades K-12 so that there is no redundancy. Rather than playing basketball every winter for their entire school career, students should be taught a variety of sports and activities so that they can discover what they love and have a passion for. My ideal physical education curriculum involves teaching young students basic motor skills and movement patterns while developing their coordination. Once students start to reach the end of their elementary school careers and head into the middle school, the focus should switch to teaching a variety of competitive sports so that the students can find one they’re interested in and can join interscholastic athletics in middle school. Different competitive sports should be taught until 9th or 10th grade at which point the focus should switch to lifelong fitness activities. Since a lot of students don’t move onto compete in intercollegiate athletics, it’s important to teach them how to stay healthy and active on their own, without a coach or teacher telling them what to do.
            It is my goal to develop students who can enjoy the challenge of interscholastic athletics during their school years and can maintain a health-enhancing level of fitness when they are out of school. By developing well-rounded, extremely active students, I’ll be helping them stay healthy, live longer, and grow as human beings.

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